Family Soft Adventures Worldwide

You're a family that loves to travel. You've done the all-inclusive thing. You've done Disney. You've cruised the Caribbean. You'd love to do something a bit more "real", a bit more "adventurous, but it still has to be safe, it still needs to be accessible and interesting for the kids, you'd like some help with organizing it and maybe you'd prefer to travel with a couple of other families with similar aged kids and with similar interests.

We're here to tell you that this kind of travel DOES EXIST!

Soft-Adventure tours by continent

Soft-Adventure tours by activity


Family Interests

South and Central America

Family travelers interested in Eco-tourism have enjoyed Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras and Venezuela.

Further afield

Australia has a wealth of experiences to offer families that can take enough time off to make the trip worthwhile. 


Backpacking family adventurers have very much enjoyed Europe, South and Central America, and New Zealand.


For the big adventurers, New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco are family favorites. In Canada, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal also have much to offer. 

Time Constraints

During the winter months, in addition to regular airline flights, direct charter flights are offered from several gateways to some south and central American destinations as well as a few in Europe. During the summer months, many more European destinations are offered.

Charter flights generally offer lower rates, more cramped seating and shorter total flight durations than regular airlines. Even so, don't expect to arrive at any of these destinations with anything less than a 6 to 8 hour flight.

Take your time

Australia and the south seas really need a minimum of 2 weeks, to justify the long journey times. Most people would find this to be the minimum amount of time to budget for European destinations too, as there is so much to see and do in such a small area. 

A very rough budget guide

City stays are invariably quite expensive, especially New York and London. Everything in Australia will cost a little more than it would in Canada. Most of the Central and Southern American destinations can be much more reasonably priced, though the facilities may be more basic. Please read our various destination reports and then contact us for more specifics.