Welcome to the cultural landscape of Aranjuez, a landscape that marked a seminal stage in the development of landscaping as a discipline in Spain.

Aranjuez Cultural Landscape

Welcome to the cultural landscape of Aranjuez, a landscape that marked a seminal stage in the development of landscaping as a discipline in Spain. It symbolizes fusion of several cultural influences to create a homogenous cultural landscape that would become a prototype for subsequent landscaping projects in Spain and beyond.

Aranjuez is a model of a culture’s use of its territory. Despite the end of the Feudal system at the turn of the 20th century that had so much goodwill on the development of the town of Aranjuez, the landscape has by and large maintained its beauty.

The Aranjuez landscape has enjoyed long history of human habitation. With its position at the crossing of rivers Tajo and Jarama as well as at crossroads, the town had to attract the Roman attention. Apparently the town is strategically located on the route to Madrid in the north and Toledo to the south.

In the 14th century, the town’s landscape would gather more clout as the knights of Spain built a palace in the woods that were then replete with game. In the 16th century, the Aranjuez landscape entered its golden years when Philip II built an ornamented palace and vegetable garden in the landscape as a private retreat center. The Spanish royalty would visit the palace once a year, and it became known as a place of pageantry and hunting. It also became a place of inspiration for several great Spanish Poets.

In the 18th century, the town and surrounding landscape continued to prosper as a new town developed close to the palace. Modernism and eclecticism gripped the town in the first half of the 19th century. Unfortunately, the end of Isabella II rule brought to an end to eh crown’s exclusivity to the riverside complex. The 1868 Revolution led to all crown property being annexed and being passed to the state. The rapid industrialization, the coming of the railway, the bisecting of Picotajo garden and rapid population increase made Aranjuez as a densely populated satellite city of Madrid. It was however able to keep its integrity.

Attractions in Aranjuez

  • The Palace and Island Garden
  • The King's Garden
  • The Garden of the Statues and a fountain
  • The Great Historic Garden
  • The Prince's Garden

Of course there are many attractions in Aranjuez that will leave you thoroughly awed. This is the reason why you should make this destination part of your tour of Spain.

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