A fun stop for the entire family when vacationing in Bangkok, the Batcat Toy Museum often referred to as the Batman Toy Museum, will make your feel like a kid again!

Be ready to feel like a kid again at the Batcat Toy Museum, the largest toy museum in Thailand

Located in the Bangkapi area, about 20 kilometers from the downtown area of Bangkok, the Batcat Toy Museum was opened in 2012. It started as a hobby for owner, Somchay Nitimongkolchai. Its name comes from Batman and Catwoman, and a mural combining both these characters can be found in front of the museum. Because the owner is a Batman aficionado, the museum display thousands of Batman figurines from the 60’s until recently including Batcycles, Batmobiles, Batplanes, Batcopters, and of course Robin! The Batcat Toy Museum can be reached by train, car, bus, or taxi from Bangkok.

The Batcat Toy Museum is brimming with toys and figurines not only of Batman but a variety of other comic characters as well, such as Ultraman, Masked Rider, Superman, Starwars characters, and Spiderman. It is the home of more than 50,000 toys, comics, magazines, costumes and paraphernalia. The first room is dedicated Marvel and DC superheroes and famous comic book characters. The second section is dedicated to Asian comic heroes particularly Ultraman which has a huge following in Japan. If you love Batman, the next room is all about Batman! You will be amazed at the sheer volume of Batman related toys and figurines! After the tour, you can have some snacks and refreshments in its coffee shop where there are souvenir items on sale.

Don’t miss out the chance to visit the Batcat Toy Museum with the family. It will bring you back to your own childhood. Call or E-mail us for more details.

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